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Self Checkout Design

Date and Time
October 2020
Gain insights into shopper frustrations at self-checkout and see twenty new design ideas to reduce loss and increase participation
Lorraine Gamman
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The purpose of this webinar was to launch and present for the first time, a new report commissioned by the ECR Retail Loss Group with academics from the University of Arts Design Against Crime team. The report will look to understand how shoppers are using, misusing and abusing self-checkouts.

On this webinar expect to learn how these critical self-checkout shopper insights impact the business and to review twenty new self-checkout design ideas that can increase participation, improve scan accuracy and reduce walkaways. Finally, the academics will close their part of the webinar, with detail on three highly recommended next steps for retailers.

To respond to the research, NCR highlighted their innovation responses to address the frustrations at self-checkouts, and ideas to improve the frictionless experience. Retailer practitioners from Lidl and Carrefour, part of the project and familiar with the findings, shared their intentions and actions they have initiated based on the insights and new ideas.


• Opening & Introductions: Colin Peacock, Group Strategic Coordinator, ECR Retail Loss Group

• Presentation of the Research: Professor Lorraine Gamman and Jeff Doruff, University of Arts, Design Against Crime Research Centre

• Practitioner Responses:

- Kalyna Stiles, Global Retail Transformation Director, NCR,

- Ella Oates, Consultant, Lidl GB,

- Bram Vermesen, National Front End Director, Carrefour

• Questions and Close: Colin Peacock

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