2024 Retail Risk, Security and Safety Innovation Challenge

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2024 Retail Risk, Security and Safety Challenge and a search new ways and technologies to solve for retailers most pressing risk, security, and safety problems.

In advance, we had a chance to interview the heads of security, safety and risk at five leading retail organisations, namely Walmart, Tesco, Aholddelhaize, Carrefour and S Group. This has helped us focus on finding innovations in People, Product, Process and Property.

If you are an innovator with new ideas on how your technology can solve for the briefs below, please email Colin Peacock @colin@ecrloss.com

1) People Protection

Objective: Ensure colleague safety through integrated, innovative technology and comprehensive training programs.

Body-Worn Cameras: What's new in body camera technology that can help monitor interactions, deter aggressive behaviour, and provide clear evidence for prosecutions. Enhance with integration capabilities to connect with headsets, radios, and panic alarms.

Lone Worker and Real-Time Protection: What can be some new wearable panic alarms and real-time communication systems to support colleagues during incidents, ensuring immediate assistance and guidance.

Behavioural Training and Education: How can new technology help expand the use of AR/VR immersive training simulations to provide realistic, engaging training experiences. And help make training more accessible through continuous learning platforms and regular updates.

Biometrics: New ways to implement biometric solutions, with multiple attempts, to enhance security and access control.

Violence Innovation: Exploring innovative solutions to address violence in the workplace.

Panic Alarms: New wearable panic alarms for employees to signal distress and alert security in real-time.

Connection of Technologies: New ways to more seamlessly integrate of technologies to enhance communication and response during security incidents.

Training Academy: New ways to deliver a comprehensive training academy to educate employees on safety protocols and procedures.

AR/VR Immersive Training: New ways to utilise AR/VR technology for immersive training simulations to prepare employees for real-life scenarios.

Dotcom Driver Safety: New safety measures and training programs for dotcom drivers to ensure their protection during deliveries.

2. Product Protection

Objective: Safeguard products through advanced tracking technologies, real-time monitoring, and behavioural insights.

Product ID, RFID & Visibility: New Product ID and RFID technologies to enhance inventory management, providing real-time tracking and visibility of products.

Biometrics and Item Recognition: New biometric technologies and live AI for real-time product and facial recognition to monitor and prevent theft, especially for high-value items.

Real-Time Detection: Innovate in real-time detection technologies to prevent shoplifting, with AI-enabled CCTV and analytics to identify suspicious behaviours, such as loitering or excessive product handling.

Root Cause Analysis: New technologies and ways to identify root cause analysis to address behavioural factors leading to product loss, such as improper equipment use or procedural lapses.

Shelf Moves vs Shelf Protectors: New technologies and measures to prevent product theft, such as shelf protectors and strategic shelf arrangements.

Item Recognition: New technologies to recognise specific items and detect anomalies in their handling or movement.

Cargo Theft Prevention: New advanced tracking and monitoring solutions from industries like pharmaceuticals to prevent cargo theft, especially for high-value items like tobacco.

3. Process Protection

Objective: Secure payment and transaction processes with advanced fraud detection, real-time alerts, and behavioural strategies.

Payment Protection: New technologies to enhance security for cash and credit card transactions with AI-driven fraud detection systems, focusing on real-time identification of suspicious activities.

Customer Transaction Security: New technologies to protect against online and in-store fraud, including account takeovers, refund fraud, and gift card scams. Address emerging trends like catfishing.

Fraud and Loss Reporting: New AI-driven solutions to streamline the reporting and handling of fraud-related incidents, integrating data from various sources for comprehensive insights.

Behavioural Insights: New service providers for educational programs for customers and staff to understand and mitigate the impact of fraudulent activities, encouraging responsible behaviour.

Hub Team Fraud Response: New ways to help scaled a specialised team to respond to fraud and payment issues, leveraging data analytics and CCTV footage for investigation.

Gas / Petrol Station Security: New technology responses to prevent drive-offs and other theft incidents at petrol stations.

Self-Checkout Optimisation: New technologies for the self checkout to detect non scanning, ticket switching and other forms of fraud.

Waste Recording vs Theft: Easier, faster and less expensive technologies to more accurately record damaged, spoiled and expired products.

Product Loss / Shrinkage Analysis: New data lead approaches to help analyse loss / shrinkage data to identify patterns and develop strategies for reducing product loss.

Stock Taking: New technologies and methods to the stock take processes that can improve accuracy and identify discrepancies more efficiently.

Data Governance: New ways to ensure proper governance of data to maintain data integrity and security across all processes.

Pricing Operations: New ways to help response teams handle legal and pricing operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies.

4. Property Protection

Objective: Secure physical premises against theft, environmental hazards, and unauthorized access through advanced technology and behavioural insights.

Perimeter Protection: New, faster, better, cheaper, etc, advanced surveillance technologies, including AI-enhanced CCTV, infrared cameras, and motion detectors, to detect and respond to intrusions effectively.

Cash Handling: New, more secure cash handling systems that protect against tampering, ensuring safe transport and storage of cash.

Access Control and Biometrics: New technologies to enhance access control with mobile devices and biometric solutions, ensuring secure entry to restricted areas while addressing behavioral resistance to change.

Environmental Risk Management: New technologies and approaches to identify and then mitigate risks from natural disasters, such as floods and fires, with a focus on preparedness and behavioural response strategies.

ANPR and Facial Recognition: New technology enhancements in ANPR and facial recognition technology for car park and perimeter security, enhancing asset protection.

Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring: New technology to support real-time alert systems and live monitoring capabilities to enable rapid response to security incidents before they get a chance to escalate and lead to loss

Physical Security Solutions: New physical security solutions such as door access systems, bollards, and security bars to deter intruders and protect assets.

Response and Field Teams: New ways for business to deliver response teams to investigate incidents and follow up with corrective actions, ensuring compliance with security protocols.

Collaboration with Authorities: New technologies that will help business's work more closely with law enforcement agencies and national business crime units to address security threats and share intelligence.



Invitation to Online Showcase Finale

Retailers, brand owners and academics are invited to join us for the online "shark tank" like showcase finale and hear pitches from ten of the hottest start ups


Jun 13, 2024