OSA: Eleven Fresh Ideas to Reduce Shelf Out of Stocks

We are very happy to share the pitches and retailer Q&A's from eleven of the top 30 OSA innovations. Click here for list of the Top 30.

We present them in the order of their pitches from the online showcase. We highly encourage you to view each one and / or, view all eleven in the recording at the end of this section

VusionGroup - They utilise wireless mini cameras to provide live updates and analytics for optimal shelf stocking in retail environments.

Contact: roy.horgan@vusion.com 

ImpulseLogic  - They enhance retail availability and performance with a cloud-based platform that optimises the final steps of the supply chain.

Contact: alh@impulselogic.com 

NomadGo - They automate supply chains using advanced technology to improve inventory management and operational efficiency.

Contact: andrewm@nomad-go.com

EVERYANGLE  - They use AI-powered CCTV analysis to prevent losses and optimize staff costs in retail environments.

Contact: malachy@everyangle.ai 

Traxlo   - They provide local gig workers for retail store operations to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Contact: paul@traxlo.com

Badger Technologies   - They use autonomous robots in grocery stores to address stock and planogram compliance issues, improving store operations.

Contact: William_Santiago@jabil.com

Retail Insight   - They offer an inventory management system that uses POS data and machine learning to correct stock inaccuracies in retail stores.

Contact: dave.b@retailinsight.io

Vispera   - They standardise data collection for retail and suppliers globally through an image recognition-based platform.

Contact: d.gentry@vispera.co

Simbe   - They provide AI and robotic solutions to retail, significantly reducing pricing errors and improving stock management and order fulfillment times.

Contact: brad@simberobotics.com

ParallelDots   - They offer real-time retail shelf monitoring using image recognition technology to improve sales productivity and drive sales.

Contact: jen@paralleldots.com 

Gather AI  - They provide drone-based inventory monitoring solutions to enhance accuracy and productivity in retail warehouse operations.

Contact: Charlie.reverte@gather.ai

The full showcase is here: 

May 23, 2024