Your invitation to participate in our 2024 video analytics survey.

ECR research has identified forty eight video analytic use cases in retail, and two years ago, we published a report on the adoption of these use cases. Click here to read and download the 2022 report.

In that report, we evidenced a low overall utilisation rate of just 7% but with a clear trend towards significant future interest in and use of video analytics. In particular, the areas around the retail store checkout and in the aisles seem to be areas of considerable testing and future development.

To explore these expected changes, we are launching a new survey and invite you to participate and share the extent to which your business has deployed, is trialling, has trialled these video analytics use cases.

Your responses will be aggregated and anonymised to provide some very helpful benchmarks for the industry. We also think, based on what we heard from you the last time we ran the survey, that you will actually enjoy the exercise and the opportunity to reflect again on your adoption of video analytics.

The survey is short and will not take long to complete, we need your responses by Friday January 12th. 

If you are not the right person for this survey, please can you forward to the right person. Thank you, Colin

To take the survey, scan the QR Code.


Dec 7, 2023