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25 Talking Points for the Self Checkout Task Force

Self Checkout

Self Checkout

Colin Peacock
Written by Colin Peacock

Group Strategic Coordinator

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25 Talking Points from a Survey of Self-checkout Supervisors

The ECR Retail Loss survey of self-checkout (SCO) supervisors (click here) provides a unique insight to the views and experiences of those tasked with working on the ‘front-line’ of SCO.

Based upon responses from over 6,000 staff, it documents their thoughts about working in this environment, including the training they received, what they have witnessed, and their views on how it may be better controlled and managed in the future. 

To help retail organisations reflect upon the results from this survey, and to stimulate a more cross-functional dialogue about how they might be used to guide and inform business practices, we have produced 25 ‘talking points’ from the study – a series of thought-provoking questions focussed upon SCO operations, training, technologies and design. We hope they will provide you with new opportunities to reflect upon your own SCO environment and how you can work more collaboratively to improve all aspects of its operation.

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Dec 6, 2022


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