Does your business have a new way of improving OSA?

If the answer is YES, then you will want to make sure that your business is on the long list of innovations being presented to our panel of OSA expert judges, representing 30+ retailers / CPG's from USA, Europe, UK and Australia in late January.

The OSA problems they are looking to solve for are illustrated below.


What we will need from you is a short description of how your innovation uniquely "solves for" one or many of the OSA problems identified in the wheel. To illustrate, see completely random example below.

"Innovation X is a drone-powered inventory monitoring solution that helps retailers find & fix inventory problems such as missing pallets, record keeping, and improve on-time fulfilment. The drones operate autonomously and scan up to 900 locations per hour per drone. This solution is 15x faster than manually inspecting inventory. Innovation X thus helps retailers improve warehouse productivity, decrease cost of inventory accuracy and boost revenue"

The long list will be presented to the retailer judges from January 22nd. The retailers / CPG's will then have February to rate the 100+ innovations (including yours if you put yourself forward) to help us arrive at a list of the Top Thirty which we will announce in March.

The finale of this OSA Innovation Showcase Finale will then be on May 22nd (click here) where each of the top ten innovations will get 5 minutes to pitch and then 5 minutes to answer questions from the 30+ judges, plus any from the >100 additional retailer and CPG participants.

To submit your entry onto the long list, you will need to please contact Mark Cheney at The entry closes January 19th.

Note: There is no cost to being placed on the long list that will be shared with the judges.

Jan 4, 2024