Elena Belavina

Associate Professor, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business


Elena Belavina, Associate Professor, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Elena Belavina is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. She collaborates with startups, established companies and public agencies to study issues of sustainable urban transportation, food waste, grocery retail and supply chains. Her recent research has studied how the grocery industry's structure and pricing policies influence food waste, the environmental impact of online grocery shopping and the design of bike-share systems. She has also studied sustainable sourcing, relational contracts and supply network design including the role of supply chain intermediaries. Methodologically, her research involves holistic analysis of logistic and economic systems, and econometric analysis of large datasets to advise on system improvements and policies. Prior to joining Cornell, Elena was on the faculty of the Booth school at Chicago, earned a Ph.D. from INSEAD and bachelor and master’s degrees in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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