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Ravelin is an AI-based fraud prevention solutions provider that offers real-time detection and analysis of fraudulent transactions for businesses.


Ravelin is an AI-based fraud prevention solutions provider. The product offers a machine learning-based real-time system to detect fraud and analyse transactions. The platform imports data via API and inspects AI models, informs the business owner, and identifies fraudsters at an early stage. The clients of the company include JUST EAT, Deliveroo, etc. Ravelin offers merchants the ability to set their own rules-based fraud prevention systems, and then have them executed in combination with machine learning algorithms. Orders are reviewed in as little as 800 milliseconds, and then return recommendations that can be reviewed by a merchant’s manual fraud review team. The platform also allows merchants’ manual review teams to provide feedback to the algorithm, allowing for a symbiotic relationship where each can learn from the other continuously over time. In addition, order reviews are presented in a highly visualised dashboard that makes it easy for merchants to see the sales happening within a short time frame, so they can detect fraudulent shoppers who are part of a fraudster network right away.

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