Workshop: Final Report on True Cost of Food Surplus

Date and Time:

July 16th - 1pm UK



16 Jul 1:00 PM


Professor Lisa Jack, University of Portsmouth


Workshop: Final Report on True Cost of Food Surplus

We are close to finalising a report and a three-year study to understand the TRUE cost of food surplus / unsold food and we need your help.

The aim of the research is to provide the group with benchmark data points and a full cost of [marking down, sorting, recording, bagging, donating, recycling, etc] surplus food calculator.

The calculator, that could be used with benchmark data, or data from your own business, will help give the business a truer cost of food surplus that can be used to support business cases for new technology and to prioritise prevention.

In advance of the meeting, we will send out a pre-read so that we can focus the meeting on your feedback and comments on the findings and how best to structure the report and present the deliverables.

Thank you for your support.

This is a retailer, CPG and academic only meeting.