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Loss Prevention Training - Latest Thinking

by Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester


Training on loss prevention has traditionally started with the store manager, taking the form of "shrink schools" for the store managers with the highest losses, more recently, retailers have been exploring digital training techniques using webinars, and new apps that increase engagement by gamifying the loss prevention training programme. See link. In this session, the group will explore the latest thinking on loss prevention training, and learn from each other the latest greatest thinking on who to train, store managers, store associates, buyers, new hires, etc, what to train, standard operating procedures, exception analysis, reasons for believing, etc, how to train, classroom, digital, mentoring, apps, podcasts, etc, and finally when to train, by exception, annually, etc. To kick off the session we will hear updates from several retailers on their latest training initiatives, with a view to discussing as a group their key learnings and for others in the group to share their experience and current programmes.




Date and Time
Oct 7th - 3pm UK Time

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