Video Leaders - 2023 Priorities

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss

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Video Leaders - 2023 Priorities

Date and Time

Feb 14th - 1pm UK, 8am Eastern



14 Feb 2:00 PM

Those that own the video budget are faced with an ever-growing range of possible investment choices; from new video analytics, to intruder and fire alarm integration, to new IP cameras, to body worn cameras, to the cloud, to new use cases beyond security such as heat maps, to building new Security Operations Centre. What should they, and what do they choose to prioritise?

This is the question we will seek to address in this session, with the budget owners, also known as the video tzars, sharing the 2-3 big choices they will make in the next 12 months on video, while taking a look back on their big "hits" from 2022.

This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only


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