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Utilising Video in the Car Park (Parking Lot)

by Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester


Having a safe environment both in stores and their associated parking areas is undoubtedly regarded as an important factor determining where customers will want to shop – few people willingly return to places where they feel unsafe. While there has been much attention on how to create a safe store environment, the surrounding parking areas has received much less attention. The focus of this session will be on how video technologies can be utilised to help create safer environments outside of the store, in the parking areas used by customers and staff. Attendees will hear from retailers in the USA that have deployed a range of video-based technologies in their parking areas to address this issue and understand the business case and results of their approach.

The Group will then have the opportunity to discuss the case studies and share their experiences.




Date and Time
Nov 11th - 2pm UK Time

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