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Remotely "Seeing" Shelves to Grow Sales and Drive Productivity - Case Studies Discussion

by Damien Pichot, Operations Director, Monoprix, Johannes Schulmeister, Global Commercial Director, Ice Cream, Unilever


In 2021, the working group reviewed the progress being made by Walgreens and Monoprix on the use of cameras to identify gaps on the shelf. In this session, we will get an update from Damien Pichot at Monoprix, and learn more about their deployment to over 100 stores, and their OSA, sales and productivity improvements. We will also learn about how they are planning to integrate the visibility to the shelf into their enterprise wide replenishment systems.

We will also hear from Unilever and how they are actively leveraging a suite of connectivity solutions to drive control, efficiency deployment and shelf replenishment of their global fleet of ice cream cabinets. One specific use case we will dive into is about driving sales up and service costs down through the currently ongoing deployment of computer vision systems into thousands of cabinets.

After the presentations, the group will discuss the findings, with the working group participants sharing back their own respective plans and learnings. This working group meeting is for retailers and CPG's only, click to register




Date and Time
Feb 10th - 1pm UK Time

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