Motion Recording - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Jake Welch, Project Manager, Loss Prevention, Ulta Beaity

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Motion Recording - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Date and Time

May 11th - 1pm UK TIme



11 May 1:00 PM

The working group in previous meetings has explored the use of video analytics that can detect gestures that might be theft, can determine likely needs for store associates to move to the tills, the use of facial recognition, etc. However, as some of those pointed out in the meeting, there are some simpler ways to improve the use of video in retail organisations, including the use of motion recording, which can save operators time, but also lead to less storage requirements.

In this session, retailers will share how they have approached getting more value from their video system through the use of motion recording and how they went about its implementation, the benefits delivered but also the watch outs, the bad and the ugly.

This session is for retailers, academics and CPG's only.


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