Video Working Group - Exploring Use Cases for ANPR/LPR

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Iain Robertson, The Warehouse Group, New Zealand

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Video Working Group - Exploring Use Cases for ANPR/LPR

Date and Time

April 13th - 3pm UK time



13 Apr 3:00 PM

The use of number plate recognition software and hardware is now omni-present in road transportation, in toll booths, police cars, etc. The use of the technology is now moving towards retail, with forecourt retailers being one of the first to recognise its value to prevent repeat drive-offs. There is a long list of other possible use cases and in this session, we will hear from retailers who have now deployed ANPR / LPR technology against a number of different use cases, in the stores, warehouses and car parks. After the presentations, the groups will discuss what was new and different, what they can reapply and then what learnings can they share back.

This working group is for retailers, CPG's and academics only.


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