Top Three Unknown Loss Priorities (Rocks)

Date and Time:

July 20th - 2pm BST



20 Jul 2:00 PM


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group


Top Three Unknown Loss Priorities (Rocks)

This working group meeting will focus on the sharing of each participants three most important priorities, or said another way, the three big "rocks" that will make the most significant impact on the delivery of your work plan and the management of losses in your business.

After a short introduction, we will go around the world and ask each retailer participant to share their top three priorities (rocks) on their current annual action plan. These priorities could be the new initiatives, for example, a trial of a new technology (video analytics, smart shelves, etc), a store associate engagement programme, an initiative to build the LP team capability, a name change, a LP team re-organisation plan, new improvements to mitigate losses on programmes such as self-checkouts, or ecommerce, or simply they can be the three most important priorities that you have committed and communicated to the Operating Board / CEO that you will deliver to improve Vs last year and to meet your targets.

We expect over 20 retailers to share their top three priorities, and based on previous years we expect that each participation will walk away from the ninety minutes energised, inspired and with some new insights. At the same time, most participants will also be reassured that they are also working on more or less the same priorities but with interesting and intriguing differences.