Thinking Differently About Internal Theft

by Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester

Thinking Differently About Internal Theft

In this engaging session, the group were able to reflect on a framework for thinking about internal theft from Professor Adrian Beck (pictured) and with this in mind, the group broke into nine small teams of 4-5 retailers to share with each other, an example of a new intervention they had introduced in the last six months, and an example of an intervention on their wish list. Some takeaways from the group are captured below.

My take-away: custom made exception-based reporting, to detect fraud (in any of its forms), is the way to go.

Key takeaway: Staff searches, something our business has avoided at a store level due to data protection concerns. It’s promising to hear that our peers are implementing searches in their businesses and are finding it a worthwhile activity. All good to know when challenging our teams understanding of the data privacy implications attached to staff searches internally.

Getting third parties to perform searches at store closure is a little gem that I’ll be trying to get implemented!

Follow up on new “colleague search” innovation – how can it be done differently?

One new idea was looking for internal e-commerce theft by matching store employee addresses with package shipment addresses. Although rudimentary it could still be valuable to potentially find the most brazen of internal thieves.

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Date and Time

Tuesday April 20th - 2pm BST