Integrating Video and Alarms

by Ryan Themm, Meijer Stores

Integrating Video and Alarms

There is nothing more frustrating for the store manager or emergency services to respond to an alarm in the middle of the night that in the end turns out to be false and a waste of their time, and yet this is too often the reality today. In a benchmark study completed in advance, over 30 retailers shared in advance their current state of integration of video and intruder alarms.

After these results, the discussion started with a talk from Ryan Themm from Meijer, and the group explored how retailers have begun to integrate their video and alarm systems, to visually verify via video, what they believe to be the cause, and whether the alarm is false or positive.

A video summary of the meeting can be found in this link, with the benchmark study results and recording available via an email to Colin Peacock at

Date and Time

September 16th - 1pm UK Time