Food Waste Working Group - In Person Meeting

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

Food Waste Working Group - In Person Meeting

To complement the virtual group meetings, the food waste working group will plan to meet in person to share ideas, network and to learn. The outline of the two day meeting is below, note the emphasis on sharing, collaborating and innovating:

Day 1: From 12pm: Arrivals, Introductions, Expectations, followed by site visits (stores and food waste management sites), and then a Blind Date session and then network drinks & dinner

Day 2: From 8.30am: Team Challenges, Start Up Review and Brainstorm, The next frontiers for Food Waste management. Close at 2pm

Click here for a fuller agenda

The meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only. Please register

Date and Time

November 16th & 17th


Daventry, UK