Expiry Date Based Pricing - The Case Against

Food Waste

Food Waste


Andrew Edwards, Iceland

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Expiry Date Based Pricing - The Case Against

Date and Time

Nov 17th - 3pm UK Time



17 Nov 3:00 PM

In the June and July working group sessions, many of the retailers reported that they were working on projects that looked to optimise the markdown process, some were looking at moving away from static discount bands, others were looking to reduce the number of markdown windows, from (say) two to three, others were looking at ways to save labour by not checking items where there would be no immediate expiry date issues, however, there are still a lot of retailers who do not use expiry date price discounting and in a more recent example, one of the participating retailers from the UK, Iceland, made a move to offer product on its last day free to their online customers. Click here to read more.

In this session, we heard from Iceland and participating retailers on the idea of NOT offering price discounts on items that are close to their expiry date, there were no retailers on the call not using this approach to discount items close to their expiry date.

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