Tackling the Online Substitutions Problem

On Shelf Availability

On Shelf Availability


Professor Daniel Corsten

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Tackling the Online Substitutions Problem

Date and Time

June 14th - 3pm UK time



14 Jun 3:00 PM

Nothing frustrates the online order picker more than an empty shelf, for if the shopper does not accept substitute and the system says that there is inventory in the store, should they now look in other in-store locations or the back room for the item or just strike it out and leave it their supervisor to manage? In this working group meeting, we will review new productivity data that quantifies the cost and implications of an empty shelf for an online picker, and then retailers will share the strategies they have in place / are trialling to improve first time fill rate (before substitutes) and interventions to improve the substitution process.

This meeting is for retailers, academics and CPGs only.


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