Developing a Loss Prevention Programme from Scratch

Date and Time:

April 9th - 3pm UK



9 Apr 3:00 PM


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss


Developing a Loss Prevention Programme from Scratch

Imagine the scenario, you have been hired because the business wants a loss prevention function. However:

1) The precise scope of that team have been imprecisely defined, what is loss?

2) Your key performance indicators have not been set, what should they be?

3) Critically, what is NOT in your scope has also not been defined.

With no plans to expand the loss prevention team beyond just you, how do you go about answering these questions and setting yourself up for success?

This meeting will start with LP leaders who have in the past / currently find themselves in this precise situation sharing how they went about answering these questions. Their presentations will be followed by a group discussion on the learning points.