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A recipe to reduce food waste and loss - Sonae Case Study

by Pedro Lago, Director: Sustainability, Sonae


In 2016, Sonae initiated a project to “give value” to the wastage that they could not avoid, looking at the problem in three dimensions, economic, environmental and social. They created three work streams, 1) reduce the wastage that is imminent; 2) “reuse” the food wastage in a commercial perspective (but still good for consumption) and 3) recycle (transform) products that are no longer edible. In this talk, the initiative leader, Pedro Lago, shared the actions they took, their achievements and results. Click here to pre-read an overview the case.

If you would like to see a recording of the session, click the application form below. This session was part of a two day working group meeting, click below to learn more about the other sessions

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Date and Time
November 18th - 12pm - GMT

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