Shopper Marketing - Building use cases for shopper marketing

Date and Time:

Oct 17th - 1pm UK



17 Oct 1:00 PM


Adrian Sherry, Head of Security Solutions, Next PLC


Shopper Marketing - Building use cases for shopper marketing

Despite a huge marketing campaign by video providers, the adoption of shopper marketing use cases leveraging the video systems paid for by the Security and Loss Prevention team has been low to date. Regrettably.

However, in this meeting, we will explore what has been getting in the way, and the enablers of change with insights from Next and a capability, based on people counting, that they have been able to set up for their franchise customers such as Victoria's Secrets.

In this meeting, expect to understand the value of shopper marketing use cases, such as shopper conversion but most of all, expect to learn about delivery, and how the LP team can build a capability to deliver reliable and regular data to others in the business, such as the franchise owners.

This meeting is for retailers, brand owners and academics only.