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Food Waste

Food Waste


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

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Self Service Markdowns

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Nov 18th - 12pm UK Time



18 Nov 12:00 PM

Grocery retailers invest huge payroll euro's to ensure that they are not presenting items for sale to the shopper that are past their expiry date, and for many retailers, applying a series of discounts over time to accelerate the sales of items close to their expiry date. In Sweden, a number of retailers are trialling a new approach, encouraging customers to scan items close to their expiry date at a station inside the fresh section to receive a discounted price, that varies depending on the time of the day and proximity to the expiry date. In this session, a leader from ICA store will present their learnings to the group, for the group to discuss and debate the relevance to their business, and to give back to the retailer presenting the idea their perspective on the benefits and any "watch outs". Click here to see a short video on how it works

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