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Self Checkouts - Managing Shopper Audits

by Matt Stretton, Asda, Andrew Main, IKEA


Determining the extent of losses at either the fixed or mobile self checkouts is problematic. In the ECR study, the results from traditional test / control store studies were published, and shrink levels were examined in stores based on the self-checkouts participation rates. To track ongoing self checkout scan accuracy retailers have implemented "audits" where at the fixed self-checkout, mobile scan & go checkout or the store exit, a random number of shoppers baskets are either checked in their entirety or partially. Short talks from Asda and IKEA will kick off this session, both sharing their results and insights from checks at the mobile and fixed SCO propositions. This will then be followed by a group discussion.

This is the first session of the year for this retailer, CPG and academic only self-checkout working group. If you would like to be part of the working group, and want to register for this or the other future sessions, please click below.




Date and Time
February 9th - 2pm GMT

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