Self Checkouts - Do Exit Gates Work?

Self Checkout

Self Checkout


Daniel Bailey, Morrisons

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Self Checkouts - Do Exit Gates Work?

Date and Time

Feb 23rd - 1pm



23 Feb 1:00 PM

In the first implementations of Self-Checkout, the thinking was to keep the space as open as possible to allow for faster shopping and checkouts. Over time, retailers have introduced "corrals" to create an impression of control, with clear access and exit areas. For the majority of implementations to date, the designs have kept the exit as open as possible to again create the impression of speed.

However, some retailers have introduced controls at the exit, in some, the exit from the corral is controlled by the presentation of a digital or paper receipt. In the ECR report on self-checkout design, the academics suggested the use of tokens. Others have looked at using computer vision to control the exit.

In this session, we heard from retailers who have used receipts and computer vision, and hear first hand about their learnings and results to date. The group then discussed the learnings and their own respective plans on using exit gate controls.

The working group is for retailers, CPG's and academics only. There is no cost to participate in the ECR working group meetings.


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