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Self Checkout - Product Look Up Menu - Challenges and Opportunities

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group


The self-checkout product look up menu, often for loose fresh products, can be a source of loss, and barrier to participation as shoppers get confused with the choices, and make mistakes. In this session we will hear from the retailers in the group and how they are going about figuring out the scale of the problem (frustrated shoppers, reduced participation rates, non-scans, missed scans, etc) and their results from the implementation of interventions, such as simpler graphics and screen menu's, video analytics based technology to simplify or remove the need for a product look up menu, the addition of bar codes to the product itself, or pricing actions, for example in bakery, where flat pricing can simplify the choices and reduce the risk of loss.  

This working group is for retailers, brand owners and academics only, and is one of the groups regular meetings. Click to register and a calendar invite for this 90 minute session can be shared by return.




Date and Time
July 28th - 1pm BST

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