How do you optimise your security guarding budget?

Date and Time:

June 5th - 1pm UK time



5 Jun 1:00 PM


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss


How do you optimise your security guarding budget?

The cost of security guarding for most retailers, as our 2022 snapshot survey predicted (click here) has increased significantly. At the same time, the external context has changed, and the demand for security guarding has also grown.

In this meeting, we will hear from retailers and how they are working through these dilemmas and supporting their business with a strategy for guarding that is delivering an improved return on investment.

Expect to hear new perspectives and ideas from your peers, and perhaps reassurances that you are wrestling the same dilemmas, broadly the same way! Below is a recap of our previous meeting, and the discussion we had on the role remote monitoring centres could and were playing in supporting more effective guarding strategies.

This working group meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only