Self Checkout - SCO Supervisor / Host Survey Results

Self Checkout

Self Checkout


Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester

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Self Checkout - SCO Supervisor / Host Survey Results

Date and Time

Nov 23rd - 1pm UK Time



23 Nov 1:00 PM

In this working group meeting, we will hear insights from a new global study on the "voice of the Self Checkout host" where the research lead, Professor Adrian Beck, will share aggregated findings from a survey of SCO hosts in multiple geographies, and how they feel about their role, how effective they believe they are at reducing losses, how they believe the technology is enabling them to be better at their job, the key challenges of the role, their satisfaction in the role, and more.

The group will then discuss the findings, and how as leaders they could act to further strengthen the role SCO hosts can play in reducing wrong scans, detecting non-scans and preventing walkaways.

This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only.


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