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Retailer Case Study - Towards Zero Food Waste

by Robert Delahunty, Mark Van Den Bosch, Woolworths Australia


In a previous working group session we heard from Sonae and their three year journey on waste, and some of the key interventions they introduced and their impact. In this session, Rob and Mark from Woolworths retailer will share their journey and the lessons along the way. They will also introduce how they are now looking to embrace the zero food waste target.

The group will discuss the findings from the presentations and their own challenges at delivering the zero food waste targets.

This session is part of the two day working group meeting [Virtual background setting = Lyon] - the sessions are for retailers, producers and academics only. To register for this session or any of the others in this two day meeting or the rest of the year, click to register

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Date and Time
Thursday May 20th - 12pm BST

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