Retail Loss - Managing Forecourt Losses

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

Retail Loss - Managing Forecourt Losses

While many retailers in Europe and USA will not present fuel for payment without pre-payment, some retailers, in some markets such as the UK, have a history of letting the customers fill up and then to make the payment, request they go into the store where they ideally make another purchase, a coffee, some confectionary, newspapers, essential foods, etc. This approach to fuel payment has proven to be highly successful, with retailers enjoying the often high margin incremental sales while being able to withstand the risk of customers not paying for their fuel, by either driving straight off the forecourt or declaring they have no means of payment.

However, the recent price increases have challenged the status quo of these retailers, with the potential risk of a growth in non payment and drive offs. In this session, we will explore what data retailers have on any change in risk levels, the possible counter measures to these risks, including technology such as ANPR / LPR, and then the role of collaboration with the police.

This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only.

Date and Time

June 22nd - 2.45pm UK TIme