Prompted Expiry Date Checking Capability - Case Studies

Food Waste

Food Waste


Andrew Hudson, Waste Process Manager, Asda Stores

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Prompted Expiry Date Checking Capability - Case Studies

Date and Time

February 24th - 1pm UK Time



24 Feb 1:00 PM

Supermarket retailers invest significant hours in expiry date code management, for some of the working group retailers this can be up to 60-70 hours per store per week. The time spent checking each fresh product in each aisle ensures that no product is presented / sold to the shopper beyond its expiry date, however mistakes can still occur and there is little visibility to store compliance. The group have discussed how in the future the 2d data code can be the full solution, many retailers already have tried and tested capabilities that can allow them to pinpoint only the items that day that need to be checked, thus saving labour hours while improving compliance.

In this session, retailers, including Asda, Kroger and Tesco shared their latest updates and lessons learnt with the group, for the rest of the group to discuss and then share back their learnings.


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