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On Shelf Availability (OSA) Innovation Challenge

by Jeremy Basset, CEO, CO:CUBED


There is nothing more frustrating to shoppers than their favourite item not being available on the shelf or being shipped on their online order. Improving OSA remains a significant opportunity for retailers and CPG's to grow their sales without the need to invest in expensive advertising or promotional euros. The OSA Innovation Challenge process starts with the selection of a retailer and CPG jury, who each share with CO:CUBED, an agency that specialises in innovation, what they believe is getting in the way of OSA and the opportunities for innovation. Against these briefs, the agency starts a global search for the start-ups and innovative companies with new technology and capability responses to the briefs. The jury then short-lists the long list, typically 100+, down to a short list who will each do a five minute "pitch" to the jury on the finale day.

This invitation to the finale day on November 10th is open for any retailer, CPG or academic, the session will be two hours so bring popcorn!




Date and Time
Dec 9th - 1pm UK Time

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