New Ways to Reduce SCO Losses through [Better] Design

Date and Time:

January 30th - 1pm UK



30 Jan 1:00 PM


Professor Lorraine Gamman, UAL


New Ways to Reduce SCO Losses through [Better] Design

In our second collaboration with the University of Arts, Design against Crime team (click here to read the first report) a team of students were tasked to find new design solutions to the current problems at the self checkout that create loss.

In this meeting, you will see five plus ideas that look to improve the shopping experience while reducing losses by removing the frustrations that can create the excuses for losses, that reduce the anonymity the thief craves and that help the SCO host deliver better customer service and prevent loss.

This is a meeting that all those involved in SCO should attend, from IT, UX, Front End, Operations, Loss Prevention, Technology, etc. Register and prepare yourselves to be "wowed" by the creativity and out of the box thinking from the students.

This meeting is for retailers, brand owners and academics only.