In Store Production - Ingredients Forecasting & Ordering

by Lisa Harrison, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Morrisons PLC

In Store Production - Ingredients Forecasting & Ordering

With an increasing number of grocery retailers, especially in Europe, moving their bought in, and pre-pack ranges, to central forecasting and automated replenishment systems, focus has now turned to the counters and in store production departments, and the opportunity to reduce waste and improve availability, by more tightly controlling ingredient replenishment.

Some of the problems that retailers are seeking to address include:

  1. That they may have no systematic link in the supply chain between the saleable item and the ingredient it contains, how do you create a sales forecast for ingredients with no "sales history"?
  2. That they may not have a maintained stock file on the saleable items, so with no visibility to ingredient "on hands" how do you create the right forecast?
  3. That they are providing stores with mismatched levels of ingredients, packaging, production and labour plans, yet seeking to hold the store accountable for availability, productivity and reduced food waste.

The meeting will start with Lisa sharing the ambition at Morrisons to move from store ordered replenishment to automated replenishment and their plan to achieve this & the potential issues they see on the journey. The group will discuss her presentation and share back how their organisation have embraced these challenges on ingredients, with the meeting closing with a recap of the key learning points.

This meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only.

Date and Time

July 14th - 3pm UK time