Ecommerce Loss - 2024 Priority Setting

E-commerce Loss

E-commerce Loss


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss

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Ecommerce Loss - 2024 Priority Setting

Date and Time

December 13th - 1pm UK



13 Dec 1:00 PM

Looking towards 2024, those leading the digital loss prevention team for the retailers in the working group, will in this meeting share first their two big "wins" from 2023, and then, their key priorities for 2024, and what they are calling out as their most important initiatives, projects, interventions, etc, that they believe will deliver back to their business the most value. These could include hiring new talent, proving the value of new technologies, establishing new controls and policies on returns, partnerships with external third parties, such as logistics providers, etc.

This meeting is for retailers, brand owners and academics only.


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