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Leveraging Video in Fuel Stations

by Joe Nock, Z Energy, New Zealand


The use of cameras that can read vehicle licence plates (LPR/ANPR) is in widespread use in most countries, as anyone who has been caught speeding, not paying a road toll or had the misfortune to forget where they parked their car can attest. However, and perhaps surprisingly, according to the recent ECR report on the use of video, its use in retail environments is much less widespread.

In this session of ECR’s Discussions on Video Technologies, the focus is on hearing from those who have been successfully utilizing this technology in a retail environment – loss prevention leaders at Coles Express (Australia) and Z Energy (New Zealand). The session will start by reviewing how these companies were able to build a business case for using LPR/ANPR, based upon increasing sales/profit from their forecourt shops (no need for pre-payment of fuel), fewer drive-offs from fuel forecourts (40-70% decline), improved recovery rates, and better productivity for their store associates when reporting crime (faster incident reporting).

In addition, the session will also hear from a representative from the New Zealand Police who will describe why they decided to engage with this retail initiative, the successes they have experienced, and the way in which the technology is making a broader impact upon car-related crime.

Both retailers will also describe how their organisations have begun to leverage greater value from this investment, particularly in terms of trying to increase customer loyalty and enhance the consumer experience, such as Z Energy’s fast lane proposition, that speeds up the transaction and allows the shopper to not have to step out of the car and interrupt their day; and the capability to pre-order coffee prior to arriving at the forecourt.

Following these presentations, there will be a facilitated discussion on the insights gained and the takeaways

Missed the event? Click the below application to get a recording of the discussion. Retailers, academics and consumer goods producers only.




Date and Time
Sept 9th - 12pm BST

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