Inter-organisational Collaboration through Video Technologies

by Traegon Hon, Global Video Tzar, Starbucks

Inter-organisational Collaboration through Video Technologies

In this session, kicked off with a presentation from Traegon Hon from Starbucks, the group discussed the problems, challenges and opportunities of sharing video with others, especially law enforcement and where the majority of cases can be related to incidents that are not related to the retailer themselves.

For the majority of retailers, this process of sharing remains very manual, often involving the burning of CD's or the use of USA jump drives, which not only consumes many hundreds of hours and FTE but also fraught with risk. In recognition of this opportunity, and over 600 requests per month from ten plus countries, Trageon and his team implemented a new, simpler work process to reduce the number of steps, and to present to their "clients", mainly law enforcement a simple "one stop shop" to access and receive video data related to their enquiry, in days not weeks, with reduced handling costs for Starbucks, worth tens of thousands in savings. Importantly, in the context of GDPR, the new process and technology creates an audit trail for improved compliance, with face redaction capabilities.

This was one of the monthly working group discussions on video for retailers, CPG's and academics only. If you would like to participate in the next session on the use of video in DC, click here, If you would like to apply for a recording, then click.




Date and Time

April 14th - 2pm GMT