Food Waste - Accountabilities and KPI's matter

Food Waste

Food Waste


Colin Peacock

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Food Waste - Accountabilities and KPI's matter

Date and Time

March 17th - 1pm



17 Mar 1:00 PM

In 2021, the working group discussed where the budget and accountability for food waste and markdowns sat across the organisation, buying, supply chain and stores. We heard that in some retail businesses, the budget and KPI's rested solely with and sat with the stores, some others shared that there was a joint and shared accountability, while for others, and very intentionally they had placed the budget for food waste with the merchants, the budget for the markdowns with supply chain, and then metrics around compliance with the stores.

In this session, we heard updates from the participants on any changes to accountabilities and reviewed the right key performance metrics for the stores? Should the stores food waste and "throws" be measured on value, weight, CO2, etc, and relative to what, sales OR should they just be measured on process compliance? For example, % of goods straight to the bin (and not marked down), % to landfill, etc.


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