Imagining new ways for video to deter

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Video In Retail


Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester

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Imagining new ways for video to deter

Date and Time

November 11th - 2pm - GMT



11 Nov 2:00 PM

To start the discussion, Asda and Tesco presented evidence and the business case for the use of self-scan monitors and body worn cameras as a deterrent. They both also shared innovations they have in the pipeline to “personalise” video so that it can increase safety, reduce violence and prevent theft. The discussion that followed with 45 retail video experts was about how other organisations were considering the use of these technologies and video personalisation as a strategy to deter would be offenders, reduce violence and improve safety? Three key takeaways. 1) The Tesco and Asda business cases were compelling, 2) There are many more ways the group imagined that video can now be used, cost effectively, to amplify risk and make video more personal, and less general. Finally, 3) Every retail video leader should include in their annual plan, a pipeline of innovations to increase the deterrence value of their video system.

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