Self Checkout - Insights on Hybrid and Trolley Controls

Date and Time:

Sept 10th - 1pm UK Time



10 Sep 12:00 PM


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss


Self Checkout - Insights on Hybrid and Trolley Controls

Increasingly, retailers are looking to help more of their customers check out of stores faster and with less friction, and with a flip of the monitor, open up lanes normally used for assisted checkouts to be self checkout. At the same time they are investing in new fixed self checkout machines for shoppers who would like to self scan their whole trolley / cart. But what are the new risks and controls of these two new SCO propositions Vs the traditional Fixed SCO?

In this meeting, this is what we will explore, with retailers sharing insights on the extent to which these new ways of delivering SCO, create more or less risk of loss, and the different controls needed Vs traditional FIxed SCO's.

This is a retailer, CPG and academic meeting only