Leveraging ANPR / LPR to Deliver Forecourt Loss Prevention

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Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss

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Leveraging ANPR / LPR to Deliver Forecourt Loss Prevention

Date and Time

Jan 9th - 1.00pm UK TIme



9 Jan 1:00 PM

There are broadly two operating models for petrol / gas forecourts, either the shopper fills up and then goes inside the store to pay for their fuel and then [hopefully] other purchases, or they are asked to pre-pay by either going into the store or paying at the pump before fuelling.

The benefit of the pre-payment model is the risk of loss, through drive offs, or the customers not having a means of payment, is near zero. However, this model adds friction to the shopper journey and does not optimise the up-selling opportunity inside the shop.

In this working group, we have heard from retailers who have looked to lower the risk of drive offs, and no means of payment through computer vision using ANPR / LPR technology, digital incident reporting and how closer intra and inter collaboration, especially with law enforcement can further reduce and prevent the risk of drive offs. Further, some of the retailers have shared how they are using this technology beyond loss prevention, and to improve the shopping experience.

In this meeting, we will hear updates from each of the retailers participating in this meeting, and the new developments and achievements twelve months on from the last meeting of this group.

This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only


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