Future of Product Protection - Future Thinking

by Colin Peacock

Future of Product Protection - Future Thinking

For the last thirty years, retail loss prevention leaders have been protecting products from theft, by, for example, placing them in locked cabinets, applying EAS technologies, such as hard and soft tags, creating over-sized packaging, installing fixtures that slow down the thieves, including technology that can deny the stealer the benefits of using the item, etc.

Most, if not all of these technologies have been around for decades, and were not designed with today's modern retail context in mind, especially self-checkouts, scan & go, BOPIS, etc, or for a retail store context where there will often be far fewer store associates on the shop floor at any one time, less hours to apply product protection equipment, and finally, many retailers where customer approaches are discouraged.

Given this new retail landscape, the meeting will be focused on what is coming over the horizon in terms of product protection technologies, and the new technologies retailers believe can protect the hottest products from theft, especially theft driven by those wanting to re-sell the stolen goods. To kick start the meeting, ten retail loss prevention leaders will share with their peers, the product protection technologies they and their business are betting on to be BIG. These are likely to be new technologies they believe can be scaled behind a positive business case.

The meeting will close with a discussion on what the group took away as the key learning points. This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only.

Date and Time

September 20th - 1pm UK Time