Food Waste: Innovations in Markdowns

Date and Time:

June 11th - 3pm UK / 10am ET



11 Jun 3:00 PM


Professor Arzum Akkas


Food Waste: Innovations in Markdowns

To markdown or not to markdown? On the day [of expiry date] or some days before? Merchandised in the aisle OR a dedicated markdown location? Labels and / or ESL's? To use dynamic pricing or a simpler fixed discount table? Etc.

These are some of the questions retailers constantly ask as they seek to find the right markdown [or not] strategy to manage surplus food, considering the impact on sales, profitability, productivity, abuse, fraud and compliance.

In this meeting, we will hear from our academic team on the latest research papers, including insights on positioning, for example, is it better for brand reputation for messages on the pink, yellow, etc stickers to read "reduced to clear" or a sustainability, zero food waste message?

We will also hear from retailers, and their latest learnings and results from trials to improve full sales, grow profits, save labour, etc, and the use of new technologies, such as ESL's and 2d codes / GS1 Digital Link.

This meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only.