Food Waste & Markdown Budget Ownership

by Elizabeth Harris, Morrisons, Huw Davies, Tesco

Food Waste & Markdown Budget Ownership

While the motivation for retailers to reduce food waste is far beyond just simply the cost of lost profits, it is still the case that the lost profits from food waste and markdowns is staggering, often at over 3% of total retail sales, meaning lost profits in ten's, hundred and thousand of millions. The question this session will explore is where the budget for these lost profits sit within the organisation, and the key performance indicators set for each function in the business.

Leading the discussion, Elizabeth (Morrisons) shared the current thinking and where the budget and "ownership" of food waste and markdowns sits within their organisation (stores), and shared some open questions she has on where the budget should sit. To share a counter view, Huw Davies of Tesco shared their position, and where the budget sits in their organisation (Commercial) and the rationale for this accountability model.

The open discussion centred around the pros and cons of each accountability model, the factors that might explain why one model might be preferred Vs another. Several retailers shared that the budget sits with the stores because that is where replenishment orders are created and in-store production quantities are controlled. Others questioned what the role of the store was anyway in preventing food waste.

This session was part of the two day working group meeting for retailers, producers and academics only. To review the recording for this session and the others below click apply.

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Date and Time

Wednesday May 19th - 12pm BST