Ecommerce Loss - Reducing Goodwill credit by 20%

Date and Time:

Feb 1st - 1pm UK time



1 Feb 1:00 PM


Conrad Fragstein, Director, Cybercrime, Adidas


Ecommerce Loss - Reducing Goodwill credit by 20%

Customer service agents can be seen by fraudsters as easy targets, after all they are pre-disposed to supporting good customer service since often 97% of the claims are from honest customers. Further, they are often in a hurry and don't have full visibility to the data that would trigger suspicion.

In this meeting, we will start with a presentation from Conrad from Adidas, who will share his learnings on a new tool they have developed that can help customer service agents make better decisions faster, delivering a huge time saving and reducing the value of goodwill payments by 20%.

The group will then discuss these findings and provide updates on how each of their business's are helping their customer service agents play a role in reducing ecommerce losses.