Facial Recognition - Towards the Plateau of Productivity?

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

Facial Recognition - Towards the Plateau of Productivity?

Facial recognition has been one of the most talked about video analytics for at least a decade. However, open questions on the technology itself, the business case and above all, concerns around privacy have slowed down its introduction in retail.

However, there are now some very compelling retailer use and business cases emerging on facial recognition, with proven results as to how the use of facial recognition has helped protect store workers and created a safer retailer environment. In this meeting, we will hear two retailers share their journey, their learnings, experiences, how they engaged their legal team and finally, the financial benefits and return on investment from the deployment of facial recognition across their business.

This session is for retailers, CPG's and academics only

Date and Time

July 13th - 1pm UK Time