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Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Pierre Racz, Genetec, Martin Gren, Axis, Professor Beck, University of Leicester.

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Video - View from the Top

Date and Time

Nov 15th - 1pm UK Time



15 Nov 1:00 PM

In this working group meeting, we will get updates from the founders of Axis and Genetec on the state of video in retail, and where the technology is headed. The facilitated discussion will consider the following questions:

• What have been the top three most recent (last 12 months) examples of how current video technology capabilities are transforming retail?

• What do they believe are the key reasons that are holding retailers back from fully leveraging the opportunities offered by video technologies?

• Looking ahead, what are the future technology changes that can deliver further transformation: LIDAR, 5G, Cloud, Edge analytics, etc?

Working group members will also have the opportunity to ask their own questions as well


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