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Exploring Future Developments in Video Technologies in Retailing

by Pierre Racz, Genetec, Martin Shen, Axis, Professor Beck, University of Leicester.


While predicting future trends is never easy, developments in video technologies are moving at a pace, providing a plethora of potentially new and exciting opportunities for their utilisation in the retail environment. This session will bring together a panel of informed video technology enthusiasts to explore what the future might look like, focussed upon:

• What are the key changes we are going to be seeing in the technology itself in the short, medium and long term?

• How is connectivity going to change and what might this mean for the retail industry?

• In what ways is the utilisation of video technologies and analytics going to change and evolve in the retail industry?

• How will broader social, cultural and legislative contexts impact upon the way in which video technologies evolve in the future?

• What excites you the most about future developments in video technologies?

Participants will have the opportunity to pose questions to the Panel and share their own thoughts and experiences on how video technologies in retailing might evolve.




Date and Time
Dec 8th - 1pm UK Time

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