Exploring Future Developments in Video Technologies in Retailing

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Pierre Racz, Genetec, Martin Gren, Axis, Professor Beck, University of Leicester.

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Exploring Future Developments in Video Technologies in Retailing

Date and Time

Dec 8th - 1pm UK Time



8 Dec 1:00 PM

In this session, the working group were able to hear the views of the founders of Axis and Genetec, and gained insights on the future of video. The video below is a recap of a session that covered a range of fascinating areas, including:

  • How the integration of video across the business trumps individual leadership
  • The emergence of "at edge" and how that is opening up possibilities for huge innovation
  • Debate on the impact of 5G, perhaps not the game changer being talked about?
  • The use of data, especially facial recognition data, and privacy
  • New use cases and the endless possibilities in front of the retail sector to use video in new creative ways to grow their business.

If you would like a recording of this session and / or would like to be part of the working group, email Colin Peacock at


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